About us

Navodyami.com is an e-commerce platform endeavouring to make high-quality regional, ethnic and tribal crafts easily accessible and affordable.   All of Navodyami.com’s home decor, accessory, apparel and footwear products are uniquely crafted by local artisans and scarcely available otherwise.

By bringing tribal, folk, classical and contemporary Indian craftwork to the forefront of the market, we strive to promote both sales and appreciation for the craft. While the functionality and appearance of most of our designs are well attuned to modern times, they are deeply rooted in the indigenous history and traditions of Indian art. As such, each product creates an ethnic experience in the everyday lives of our customers.
Navodyami.com is currently working with 4000 micro entrepreneurs from Karnataka, Telangana & Uttar Pradesh and our network is still growing. The Navodyami initiative is geared to connect artisans and authentic craft seeking customers. Our artisans are selected, supported and groomed to polish their products, adapt to changing market needs and bring out the best of traditional and contemporary Indian crafts. With every purchase, you become part of a heritage that is marked with years of craftsmanship and a way of life that is in sync with nature, art and sustainability.